What are the Renewable Energy Source does Renewable Energy System have?

We all know about renewable energy, right? But do you know what is it capable of? Is it worth it to use or not? Well, the answer is, Yes! Without renewable resources, you won’t have sufficient flow of electricity in your homes. Without it maybe our world only shines in the daytime because of the sun, When man discovered that sun, water, and wind can be a source of electricity, the world change. It became digital and instant that helped people with everything. Until different companies have their own, renewable sources too. Then they have built an empire where all the renewable companies are involved in this industry.
One of them is Renewable Energy Systems, RES has made a title in the world because of its high quality foundation of electricity. Although they use the same strategy in making electricity, the thing that they can’t copy is how they distribute it. This includes power tall and big buildings, companies, and even your homes. But what is there secret and what kind of resources do they use? We all know that there are only seven renewable resources in the world, and all of them are being used by all. But that thing that you don’t know is RES only use 5 of them. What is it well here it is;
1. Biomass Energy
From the use of wood, crops, garbage, liquid fuels, and landfill gasses.

2. Solar Power
From the use of direct sunlight and the help of big and wide panels. Succking the sun from through it.

3. Wind Turbine
Large turbines are used to generate wind that gives electricity without having or releasing pollutants.

4. Hydroelectric Power
This also uses turbines but in water, that generates electricity too.

5. Geothermal Energy
Like hydroelectric power, that uses water, but this uses heated water to make electricity to.